Bundled is an online auction marketplace that provides ‘pre-bundled’ packages of imported product at wholesale prices. Pharaoh was approached to create a new brand identity and website to play home to their online new marketplace.

Screen Intro

Bundled sits in a tough market, it was aimed primarily and entrepreneurially minded individuals, be that the mum at home who buying 20 items to sell on Trademe or the guy importing things by the container. A big part of the challenge was to create an enticing marketplace for both ends of the spectrum. Friendly and approachable enough to seem easy and still provide the relevant details those seasoned consumers look for.

Each listing on Bundled is displayed using an ‘Auction Tile’. These are designed to display information pertinant to each listing like it’s Title, when the auction closes, it’s current bid, the retail value and how many items are in the particular Bundle. These had to provide only the most pertinent information in the most digestible format possible.

“Michael is an incredibly talented designer – one who brought our raw ideas to life. He created a succinct and valuable new brand for Bundled. We’re very happy with Pharaoh’s work ethic and the results we got.” – Bundled Manager, Greg Johnston