Smith & McKenzie

New Brand, New Image, New Perception, Same Steakhouse. An awesome restaurant fit-out, awesome food, awesome atmosphere, but a brand identity that could be much stronger. Smith & McKenzie Steakhouse’s was a prime candidate for a rebrand, a new brand that can pair with their excellent food and restaurant aesthetic. This is a pitch for not only a rebrand but a progression into another market. Click here to take a deeper look at their online presence.



A key aspect of their identity I wanted to shine a light on was the attention to detail and artisanal-nature in which their steaks are prepared. Everything from their hand painted signage in the window from the meticulously hand-drawn etchings used prominently throughout reflect this. By introducing a lot of unique brand devices – Matchbooks, aprons, cutlery, note books, carpenters pencils etc.. Things you might not often find branded in a restaurant I was able to help the brand transport the patron back to the traditional old style New York steak house, the same mood that the atmosphere and food already instilled.

I had the idea of creating a second branch of business, a small bespoke butchery open during the day. Offering their signature steaks for people to enjoy at home, complete with branded butchers paper and their signature cooking herbs + spices. This new butchery venture would not only serve as another revenue opportunity, it was an marketable avenue for generating the initial hype surrounding the brand.

The Problem & My Solution

This wasn’t a problem as it was an opportunity, Smith & McKenzie has become established with a great restaurant fit-out, great food, great atmosphere, but an identity that didn’t reflect all those things. Smith & McKenzie Steakhouse’s was a prime candidate for a rebrand, a new brand that can pair with their fine food and restaurant aesthetic. This project was a pitch to breathe new lifeblood into their essence, online and in their restaurant. I essentially started from scratch regarding their traditional branding, same name, same restaurant, new logo, new website, new image, new perception.