The Good Design Symposium

Creating Germany’s Design Expo. This is a faux project I did in my spare time, I wanted to explore how I could design something that was required to be very information-heavy, like a creative design symposium. For this project I created a fake design conference in Germany, I designed a website featuring all the guest speakers and their details. I had to maintain a conscious effort to decide how to treat this much informational content in a way that is still visually attractive. I created a small print media campaign featuring a nod to the name of the symposium (Good Design) and addressing some common mis-conceptions about design coupled with weird, eye catching imagery which would become somewhat like mascots to the convention.

TGDS Header ii

The problem presented

Often when designers are given a brief, the less informational content there is, the better. It leaves more white-space, making it easier to create a more effective visual hierarchy, usually paving the way for a better looking end-result. I gave myself the challenge of creating something equally as successful with a lot of informational content in an online medium paired with the theme of a design symposium.

How I fixed it

Essentially, the solution was to just be much more conscious of the visual order of things when I was designing. Making sure everything had the right amount of ‘visual pull’ to the viewer. Deciding what to put above and below the fold, using certain interface-devices like scroll containers when necessary (the speaker’s thumbnails down the right-hand side). I needed to consider when to hide certain pieces of information and reveal them only when prompted (especially when viewport real estate was limited like on the iPad).