Zing Web Design

A New Zealand-Based Short-Term Lender. Zing’s brand presence is predominately online, making it crucial for the brand to have a well designed website. From its campaigns to its application process, an platform that provided its customers with an intuitive online experience, when applying for a loan, was the brands focus.

































Zing’s application process to be clean and simple, steering clear of anything that may suggest legal processes. Our demographic has a tendency to browse the internet on their device while watching tv or another screen, this led to our re-thinking of the iPad and other mobile devices. The process needed to be easy enough to complete without a lot of thinking and without leaving your couch.

The Problem & My Solution

Like most people, Zing’s customer hates and is confused by the paper work and legal processes that often come with getting a loan. Just digitising this process wasn’t enough, we needed to really think how we approached the application process design and experience. We structured the loan process into 4 digestible steps, labelling every module with a query icon answering the majority of questions our customers may have about each module to be answered.

“Michael helped us a great deal, designing an awesome looking, effective brand and creating an easy, intuitive experience for our customers. Our new brand stands as testament to his knowledge and passion for design. We will definitely be using Pharaoh’s graphic design and branding services in the future.” – Dave Meaney, CEO